Once upon a time, I got in trouble for using “big words.”  This happened a few times actually, when I was penalized for, I guess, sounding too fancy or something.  Hoping that it was just my top hat and monocle giving that impression, I asked for an example, to which I was told that the words “unenviable” and “apt” were too big for the general public.  Who knew?

The thing is I love words.  I really love words.  Big or small words, pictures, art, anything that tells a story, I love.  I choose to believe in a world where asking “Why?” is the final frontier, where learning new words and ideas is the most important thing that one can do.  And contrary to prior opinion, I did grow up in Bullitt County, so I know how to choose language that suits my audience too.

I’ve moved up in the world since then, and have found myself fortunate enough to work in academia, where I am surrounded by people who love to learn as much as I do.  I managed to convince some people to let me write things for them, and I feel fortunate and privileged to have been afforded these opportunities.  I’m a lucky man.

So take a look around and see if my words can help you tell the story you want to convey.
If they do, let me know.

– Syd