Introducing: Deus Marginalia

I’m starting a record label and I want to write something flowery about it, so bear with me…

Time is an irreconcilable difference, an unyielding journey that connects to fixed positions. We develop, we learn, we grow, we engage in the world, and then become subsumed by our daily struggles. It’s the way of things. We all live in the wake of that eternal push-pull, balancing our obligations and our passions. It’s those margins we live in, the time left to us to pursue the things that bring us joy or solace. 

Deus Marginalia is that space in between. It’s that time in the twilight of your day when you can create, when you push through your exhaustion, physical or otherwise, and let yourself live in a moment. It’s a snapshot into the freedom that we all experience when we’re not working in service to someone or something else. It’s that moment of pure, unmitigated bliss when you can just be. It’s that itch that absolutely has to be scratched at all costs. 

The game plan here is simple: make music that we like, release music that we like. Hopefully you do too, but that’s all gravy. I believe fully in the idea that it’s not “me,” but “us.” I put this together. I’m putting in the work, because this is what I want to see in the world. But you’re all invited, either to listen or to submit something for release yourself. At least at first, this is digital only and at least partially subscription based, albeit without any overt gatekeeping. Everyone is welcome. 

I hope you find something to like, whether it’s the ambient of Tauri Sb, the noise rock of The Joy Center, or the indie of All Glass. We’ve got a lot of irons in the fire, and plan to have something out every two weeks, with short essays about every song we put out, artwork, and more. The world is on fire right now, and tomorrow isn’t promised. So let’s live today. 

-Syd Bishop